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Exclamation Does not appear that there is a large number of Eagle Cap owners? This forum is dead next to the lance forum don't understand why??? Last month I found an 850 Eagle Cap that had been unused for 4 or 5 years. They are rare in this area anyway. It has taken a lot of cleaning to get it useable again but it appears to be well built. Just not a lot of care the last few years. Hope to have it road ready by Dec. this year.
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That is partly (mostly?  all?) my fault.  Readership increases whenever a mass mailing is sent to membership.  And we have 200 to 300 ECO members.  I should send out a mass mailing and have not.  BUT, I still have the OLD forum that has to be discontinued and and re-directed to this forum . . .blah, blah, blah. . .
So, yeah, I've been lax. 

At present I'm out camping and will be at our Arizona home base in a couple of weeks where I can focus on what to do next.  I will make a dedicated effort to stir the pot.  And I mean really stir the pot.  I want someone from the factory to be on board or available to provide advice or funnel information through me if possible.

I'm not married to my Lance, nor was I to my Arctic Fox but I sure miss the old EC1150 floor plan.
Stay tuned. . .
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I am guilty of not posting too.

We have had our 850 for 3+ years now and it is our best TC yet (there have been 4 others, including 2 Lances).

I will make it a minor priority to get some posts on the forum, since I have been doing some minor modifications with an eye towards longer winter escapes in the coming years.

Maybe some pictures of our trips and possibly some images of our RV history.

I'll leave with this one of our 850

[Image: 17067394327_c797950394_z.jpg]
John & Cathy
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Nice set up. We have a 950 with slide sitting in on a dodge 3500 dually. We are hoping to go south this winter in it. Rolleyes
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