suburban furnace 2006 EC 850
Been unable to use camper for over a year and am afraid that furnace is not lighting now. Never have had problems before and just couldn't get it to ignite. I can hear the switch but no heat.
It seems that the possibilities are:
bad ignitor
wasp nests
just plain corroded
Is there an easy way to remove the unit? Anyone done this themselves?
I have a 2002 EC 950 so the furnace may be a little different.  If you are having issues lighting then it could be a couple of things like the Propane orifice has a spider web in it and the propane will not feed the igniter.  thats a easy fix by just cleaning out the line where the propane comes from.  Another would be the Flame sensor (Thermocouple) is corroded and needs to be replaced or cleaned with sand paper on the tip (dont touch it with your fingers).  Also check to see if the spark is firing for the propane.   I believe this is the way that it is setup.  Those would be the easy fixes.
anybody ever service their furnace? to get to the ignitor or the sail valve I believe that it requires removal?
Since you haven’t used it in awhile, be advised that low voltage will prevent the furnace from ignition

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