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Driver slide hitting bathroom door
hello all, my wife and I picked up a new 2018 1200 out of Arizona. I didn't notice until we got back home to AK that the drivers slide its hitting the bathroom door and is keeping it from closing all the way. also when you look at the slide closed, its not even with the wall seal. i shoved it in the garage last night and i'll give it a few days to thaw out before messing with it but i was curious if anyone else had this issue?

so far we love the camper but i must say, we not to happy with the entertainment system, picture quality is pretty bad, that's another thing I'm going to mess with while its in the garage. find out if its the DVD player or the coax cables they used or just junk TV's haha... or a combo of all of them Smile

also i think the under the bed storage is useless if you cant lift it, WOW, my wife and i both tried to lift it and its just to damn heavy! So i'll probably just take out the storage to gain more head room...
2018 EC 1200
2017 F350 DRW Platinum
2016 Voltage 3818
We had to re-sync our drivers side slide on our 2018 1200 to get the slide to go in and out even. Come in all the way and hold the botton about 3 seconds after the slide stops, go out about 8 inches,  then back in, again holding the botton 3 second after the slide stops. Do this a total of three times 
 There a lot on good vedios on YouTube about Schwintic slides. 
 Are you sure the bath door is closed all the way? Ours has a detent that you have to go past for it to close all the way. Our slide just touches when closed. 
I wonder of you have a bad lift strut on you bed, ours is not that hard to open. We  store our camping chairs, a fold up table, and some step stools that we use to step up to the bedroom.
 Did you get the rear dinette? We have the recliners and the couch.

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