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2005 Eagle Cap Owner's Manual
I just purchased a 2005 Eagle Cap Intermountain RV but so far I have been unable to find any owner's manual for it.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Thanks in advance!

I have a digital copy of a 2005 Owners Manual at home but I'm traveling until May.  Undecided
As I recall, there are very few informative pieces covering the particular model that you may have.  
Most of the information in the manual is regarding the component appliances such as the fridge, water pump, heater, etc. 

By entering the appliance part number into Google, you can usually find information on line for each particular appliance.
When I return home in spring I will post the OM here.
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]
It would be very helpful if you could post the OM when you get back.  I'm mainly interested in the camper itself (electrical, plumbing, etc) and not so much on the appliances.  I'm a rookie truck camper owner so probably any information will be useful to me Smile

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