Eagle cap 1165 2018 and Ram 3500 Newbie Question
Greetings ALL:
We just sold our Class A 2017 diesel pusher (too cumbersome) and are now looking to buy a 2018 EC1165 camper along with a Ram 3500 Crew Cab 4 x 4 long bed/dually/Turbo Diesel w/AISIN auto transmission.  The reason for downsizing is mobility and being able to get to places that Class A would not allow us.  We are a total novice when it comes to trucks.  Here is a list of some of the options that I can pick:
1.      Do I need 220-Amp Alternator included in Snow Chief Group option?  And what purpose does it serve?  Can I charge camper batteries?
2.      Dodge factory installed Auto Level Rear Air Suspension included in Max tow package.  Instead, should I be looking at Firestone Air-Rite Air Control System/airbags or Air Lift LoadLifter?
3.      Our travel destination would include higher elevation in eastern Sierras and windy roads/paved, therefore, wondering if we need to equip the rig with something else besides airbags for smooth/stable/safe ride?
4.      Also do I need axle ration of 4.1.  We plan to tow my jeep rubicon.
5.      Anyone with EC116 and 1ton setup in Norcal that I can call or willing to talk?
6.      The reason to tow the jeep is two folds, one to carry extra load (off load from camper) and to get to fly fishing holes ?

Your input is appreciated,
Thank you,
Prithvi Rai
Northern CA

Better watch the GVW on your truck and the weight of that camper. You may be well over the GVW with your gear.

220 amp is better for running more lights on camper, trailers and especially for snow plows which really draw. For sure it will charge your battery as well as your EC Generator I assume you will order.  220 AMP cheap addition in the scheme of things.

Check out other forums on the air suspension. Not familiar with it. Dually with stock springs will be stable. I would imagine their air leaf is the ticket. That said for wind, they shut roads down for over 9' tall in Reno area north and south. I have seen plenty of big rigs blown over. Best to park it in that kind of wind.  

Wide opinions on the gear ratio's in other forums.  Read up! Personally I would order 373 if I had the option.
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I have a 2016 Ram DRW and EC 995, tow and cross the Sierras regularly... 

1) I would avoid the air suspension because IMO it’s mostly for leveling out the headlights. The 1165 is roughly 1,000 lbs more than my 995, so you’ll have a substantial amout of weight..I’ve added another leaf spring to each rear side...Super spring makes a bolt on additional leaf that will easily do the trick...

2) I chose the 4:10 for the reasons you describe - truck empty or loaded, no regrets whatsoever...

3 tons
The higher amp alternator is unlikely to help charge the camper batteries because of the small gauge wire in the camper connector wire to the truck.  If you plan on a winch for the truck or a plow, then you would want a high amp alternator.

The factory shocks should be upgrade to something like the Rancho 9000's which can be adjusted for the much heavier loads.  Personally, I find the factory shocks totally inadequate and even the Rancho's set to their maximum load to be only adequate.  You may want to consider a heavy duty sway bar at some point.
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]
I would recommnd the higher amp alternator no mater what, always good to have extra amps. 
 Also recommend the 410 years. I had a 2011 DRW 3500 with 373 that towed a large 5th wheel, about 24,000 GVW. It do ok but it did down shift alot on the hills. 
 I have a Ford F450 now with 430 gears and can maintain speed on most hills without downshifting with the EC1200.
I went with a Dodge Ram 5500. Yes, you have to put it on a flatbed which is a drawback for the extra height to step up, but I will have extra storage and no over-load issues. I got a 4x4 diesel for our life style. The Aisin  transmission tows 30,000 lbs. plus. So towing our 7800lb fishing boat is not an issue. The truck is  18,000 lb GVW with LOTS OF TORQUE.  We dropped the super duty Fords and now have 5 Ram 5500’s in our construction business. We like the ‘toughness” of this truck.  Do the math. You are maxed out with the 1 tons.  The storage you gain under the camper is nice. I personally feel I am ahead. I don’t need to add extra lspring leafs or shocks or stabalizers. This truck has the braking and suspension for the load. And the triple slide-outs are heavy! (6000lbs.  )

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