Furnace 2006 950
I need to access the furnace in our camper. It's a 2006 950 with 1 slide and I cannot see anyway to get to the furnace without having to remove the refrigerator. Wrote Eagle Cap without success, searched here and the Internet and have yet to find a solution. Has anyone serviced their furnace and if so how? Thanks Dan
Just for future reference for anyone needing to know. The refrigerator has to be removed to access the heater. Under the frig. Is a piece of 3/4" plywood sealed with chalking and held down with 4 screws. Once removed easy access to the heater.
Thanks for the how-to tip! Smile
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]

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