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We live in our 2015 86SBS and regularly remove the camper from the truck (and camp in it).  We always lower the camper so that the step just misses the ground but this leaves about 10 inches of jack extended.  The manual says that "all our campers are designed to be used off the truck", so we assume that what we are doing is OK.  The manual does not say that we should be adding additional support under the camper when on the jacks so we do not.

We have yet to experience any problems from doing this but a number of our co camping friends seem to think that we are doing something rather dangerous.  One has even suggested that we should even empty all the water tanks before using the jacks!

We are just wondering if anyone out there has any experience that would suggest we are doing the right or wrong thing
Many older truck campers (including Eagle Cap) have experienced the bottom of the camper separating from the frame due to the fresh water tank weight.  Fresh water tanks are suspended or supported and if the suspension/support member should fail or weaken it can allow the tank weight to press on the frame.  This happened on both my 2005 Eagle Cap and my 2008 Arctic Fox.

Of course that problem has created cautionary stories about using the camper off-truck.  Water weighs approximately 8 pounds per gallon.  That's approximately 352 pounds of fresh water in your 86SBS when full.
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We have a 2006 950 and have camped as you stated since we've had the camper without an issue. Can't imagine having to pack camper supports around with us considering all the rest of the things we have to have.
The tanks on my EC 995 are supported from the interior camper floor with mere plumbers tape. This may sound odd, but this design is for tank access and servicing once the tanks have been emptied and the underbelly has been removed...The primary tank support is actually the camper’s laminated underbelly (though the tanks actually rest on wooden sleepers to allow for warm air circulation) which is held in place only by parameter 3” screws...

It is for this reason that I always empty the tanks prior to dismounting the TC from the truck...

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