Roof gutter downspout - horrible location
I know I'm getting petty but I am really unhappy with the location of the front downspout of the roof gutter on our 86SBS.  There is no way to get out of the truck and keep dry in rain.  Worse is the fact that with the truck door open, all the water from the spout ends up on the inside door handle control panel (windows, locks, mirrors etc).  It does not take much rain to make this a significant quantity of water.

Has anyone out there come up with a solution? We are thinking of breaking the gutter just above the forward jack and installing a spout there while removing the front one but would be interested in other ideas before we start cutting.
All three different brands of my truck campers have been like that - the gutter ends where it drips onto the truck door.
So far, the only partial answer to that problem has been the EZE-RV Gutter System available on ebay and others.
Its a flexible self-adhesive "J" rail.  It sticks really good to a clean smooth surface.  I found that it worked but couldn't funnel the rain water far enough forward.
[Image: s-l640.jpg]
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Dang, and all this time I thought I was the only one having this problem !!
Thanks guys.

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