2009 850 replacing rear blinker
I removed the cover on the left blinker to figure out why it works intermitantly.  I see a one piece unit with wires going in but no obvious way to replace a bulb?  Can anyone tell me what is up with this?
Not sure what year your’s is but in 2009 they began using LED’s, so they may be sealed - if so, splice a test lead into the wire(s) to see if theres current supplying the lamp...On the otherhand, some conventional bulbs are blade-like and just push in and pull out...Not sure if this helps though...

3 tons
Hi 3 ton, it is LED, my first time dealing with them.  I know it is getting juice but the left blinker does not work when the headlights are turned on.  Works fine during the day.  It looks like I have to unplug and replace the whole thing.
Sorry but I really can’t say, though I know that LED’s are very voltage sensitive - maybe the headlights (actually meaning the L tail light...) is somehow drawing power away from the L blinker (as well as the L brake light) ??...

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