Roof rack for a canoe
Hi campers,

I have a 16' carbon fiber canoe that I'd like to carry on top of my 2010 EC850. I'm trying to decide which rack system to install and knowing what I'm anchoring to would help. I assume it's plywood, but I'm not sure how thick. Can anyone tell me how the roof is built and whether there are restrictions on mounting locations?

If anyone has had success (or failure) doing something similar, I'd like to hear. 

I do know for certain (from 2010 factory tour) that there is a 6” wide strip of sheet metal around the entire roof parameter that is intended for use as an attachment point for solar and roof racks.

Hope that helps some,
3 tons
Yes - that helps. I was thinking of installing Yakima's track system so I could add and position crossbars where necessary - looking ahead to solar. Tying into sheet metal would give a better connection. I think Yakima's round bars go up to 86" - that should span the width.

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