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2018 EC 1165 couch swap
Hey all we just bought are 2018 1165 last week, which is our 4th truck camper in about 18 months. We started last spring with a 2007 adventurer single slide to see how we liked truck camper life style with 3 kids. Well we loved it so we sold it half way through last summer for $4,000 profit. Next up was 2010 adventurer 86sbs. About the same size bu a little newer. Then we sold it this spring for $6000 profit and bought a 2016 adventurer 910fbs. Up until this point we were rocking a 2013 mega dually with air bags. Which handled the camper well despite 910 design was for long box only. So we up graded truck to a 2018 f350 crew 4x4 diesel dually king ranch with air bags, 4” bds lift kit, 2” wheel spacers in the back and 285/75r17 tires. Ran this rig for the summer and sold the 910fbs for a $4000 profit again. I know I’ve got a horse shoe up my —- for selling truck campers. Now we bought 2018 1165 and man what a cool camper. It was used and the guy before us decked it out every available factory option except roof rack. The new he added auto satellite, 3 12v batteries, inverter, solar panel and charging cable direct from truck ( 2/0 welding cable). We are happy to truck camper people and excited for adventure. Right now our camPer has recliners. With 3 kids we would like to trade for couch
It might be an option to replace the dinette with a couch. 
We have a 2018 1200 that has a couch and two recliners. We really dont miss the dinette at all. We still have a fold up table if needed, but we mostly eat outside, or with a plate on our lap.
 There is a Facebook page for Eagle Cap Campers, I believe there was a couch or recliners for sale there not long ago.
My only reason for keeping the dinette is that we fold that down now for two of the kids. Adding the couch where the recliners would give us a second fold down for our third kid. I will join the Facebook page today and see if there are any couches on there. I figured out the factory that builds the eagle cap furniture is here in Alberta but have not returned my calls yet to see how much to purchase the couch. Problem is them I might stuck with recliners. Thanks
Hi  I was wondering if you still had the 1165 and would consider a trade for a 39' Keystone Montana Hickory Edition 5th wheel.  We want to downsize since it is just my husband and I. We love the 1165.  You can text me @ 850-865-6060. 


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