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new to me
Very much enjoy reading these posts. Just bought a 2016 used EC 1165. Drove from Texas to Tacoma, Wash to buy it, and was very pleased with the Apache RV shop and their help in setting it up and loading it on my truck. I have been looking at 1165's since about 2011. I really liked the upgrades done in 2015,  Wink and decided on a 2015 or newer. So far we have had no problem with it, though I noticed the slides don't close exactly square to the mainframe. Reading the Schwintek website note was very helpful. I will "realign" the slides next time I load it. I guess one question I have is that the pantry closet just inside the door has no shelves. I have an idea how I want to install shelves in that closet, but if anyone has suggestions, they are welcome. Also, others have written about shortening the "bump stops". I have the same thought, as I am 9" rearward of the center of gravity. 2" forward would be helpful. I also placed foil backed insulation along the belly walls to improve insulation quality. Next time we load it I will weigh the truck and camper to see how far over weight I am. The truck weighs 9120. I am guessing the EC weighs close to 6000#, so I am overweight for a 14,000 GVW truck.
Thanks, keep up the good communication.
Oh, rally in Oregon??? or Washington??? let's do it!! Lord willing, we will be there! Big Grin

2014 F350 Crew Dually
Torklift lower overloads
Timbren bump stops
2016 Eagle Cap 1165
Congrats on the new camper. My guess is your about 11,500 on the rear axle. Keep the tires at max inflation. I put a lot of miles on a similar set up to yours. I recomend keeping the speed down below 65mph. It does help the tires handle the load. 
 If you haven't check out the Eagle Cap Facebook page, there is more going on there.
 Jope to see you on the road some day!
Thanks, Bob. I don't often have the chance to get on the EC Forum. Thanks for the reply.
We hope to do some traveling this Spring, (2019)- esp. to Idaho, and maybe Pennsylvania & New York.
We'll see. I will check the Facebook page if I can get into it. I weighed the unit on the truck,
and am 15,240 #.  4640 on steer axle, and 10600 on rear. That's 1,240 over Ford max GVW.
I did install the Tork lift upper overload spring "stops", hoping to reduce the top heavy sway.
Also have Timbren axle bump stop and Torklift lower overload spring suspension stabilizers. 
Thanks, again. Hope to see you on the road some day.
Paul R

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