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Plexiglass bath roof dome replacement
Can someone point me to a location where I can order a replacement roof bubble for the bathroom on a EC850. Its approximately 22 x 18 and has developed multiple cracks. I will do the changeover myself but need to locate the proper part?
I believe you’ll find that most local RV’s dealers that have their own customer parts departments will be able to locate and match it (per the dimensions) via their vendor-supplier catalogues - most likely it’s just a standard build item...BTW, thats the same skylight as in my EC 995...

On edit, lacking any availability a local glass shop can likely order one built (raised aluminum framed) to your dimensions - I’d be interested to know you findings, thx

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How about this place?

Anyone else get a “missing message” error when trying to post?  It took me at least 5 times to get this to post, even just to preview.
Looks like it may be the perfect link!

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Fantastic site.....thanks for the Link and INFO.

Does anyone have pictures of replacing the roof dome on their camper?  Ours needs to be replaced.  I have ordered a replacement from EZTops but would like to see how it was fastened to the roof.  Thanks

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