EC1165 camper & truck questions
Very new to this forum but have been reading other people's posts. My wife and I are retired and are currently looking at downsizing from a 42' 5th wheel to a truck camper.  She loves the EC 1065 arraignment. 
I don't want to sell my truck (2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 DRW) but not sure it will be able to handle the load. I've seen the other posts on this forum about towing,  I just wanted to hear from other users of this truck and if its worked for them?
Also, my wife wanted to know if a micro-convection oven would fit where the microwave is and take out the oven since it's something we would never use. Thanks for all the help....
Sorry, I made a mistake. It was the EC1165.
My wife said tell them that the truck is a diesel long bed LTZ.
Sorry for the mistakes
Hi and welcome to the ECO forum Hialtitude.
(I edited your subject title to read 1165)
Probably the most helpful user post was this one: real world weight numbers for the 1165 by user rjchristensen
The 1165 is a big beautiful camper and one heavy beast.

The 1165 will exceed the truck's OEM payload numbers.  You will need to do something to mitigate that problem.

The most common recommended safety upgrade is to upgrade the wheels and tires to something heavier.  The truck will also need heavier duty shocks such as the Rancho 9000's or better.  Additionally, a heavy duty sway bar such as one provided by Hellwig should be considered.

Perhaps others will chime in with their responses. . .
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Thanks for editing it correctly.  I spoke with torklift yesterday and my truck only uses the upper stable load bump stops. I really don't want to modify the truck any further and both EC and torklift say there is no need for air bags. The truck tows a 19k 5th wheel with no problems and we live at about 9k in the mountains of Colorado. This could get interesting
Thanks for getting back to me. 
I did a little more research on suspension upgrades and a saw the Rancho shocks you recommended but there are three (3) different ones for the truck. I notice they are all adjustable. The Hellwig sway bars look like an easy replacement. I'll make some more phone calls today and try and narrow down some more items. 
I wife wanted to know where do you all put the garbage can in the kitchen? I noticed a little area under the sink that might work for a very little can. We also saw a used 2015 on RVTrader that they installed  a fireplace . I know Host has one in there unit and she likes the one we have in ours. I might need to look at trying to see if I could make something fit.
The primary use of the unit will be for our trip to Alaska in 2020, but I like the idea of having it on our property for an easy get up and go away for a quick weekend. Thanks for the help..
I have a 2016 CC 4x4 Ram with a GVWR of 14,000, and a EC 995 at about 4950# loaded to go (with 60gal water) and IF I needed a new camper I definitely go with the 1165...A buddy has a new 1165 on the same truck and added only bolt-on supersprings...At 14,001# GVWR (and above) the DOT vehicle rating changes, so I believe that other manufacturers just stay with the 14k figure as a slightly conservative number. Per reports the new 2020 HD Ram has even a stronger frame yet is still capped at 14k GVWR...Just Saying...Also, I’m 6-2 and found that Host counter-top height to be uncomfortably low.

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