Atwood furnace not lighting
Attempted to light the Atwood furnace several times in my 2015 EC1160 the other day with no success. It a 2014 model series 8500-IV. It shut off after it attempted to automatically fire three (3) times, which I could hear (and feel the heat) the exhaust exiting the unit. So I know I'm getting fuel (verify by lighting the stove-top burners). But what am I missing? I appreciate any advice or tricks that might help me.
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I’m not familiar with that particular model but the first thing I’d check is battery voltage with a volt meter (too low of voltage will shutdown burner), but since the furnace lights you might check beneath the exterior cover for a reset button...Having said that, be advised that there is a two prong electrode near the exhaust stream (removable) where the gap can get out of adjustment (due to road vibrations) which prevents the spark from jumping the gap...It also serves as a proover which allows the gas valve to stay open. I had the same problem at one time (5yrs ago) and narrowed the gap to about 1/8” and everything has bworked perfectly ever since...
3 Tons - thanks for the suggestions, as it gave me a place to start. I pulled the outside panel off and sure enough there is a reset switch that was in the “off” position. I switched it to “reset” and turned the thermostat on whiched cycled the furnace through three (3) firing attempts. Then it turned off again. But this time, I saw a red flashing light on the circuit panel. It was flashing three times with a pause in between. The troubleshooting sticker describes the problem as an “ignition lockout fault”. Any idea how to correct this fault message?
I would start troubleshooting by checking the sail-switch. 
The sail switch is a mechanical switch that needs the blower to run before it opens the gas valve.  The symptoms of a failed sail switch are as you describe.  (However, it could also be something else, like a failed control board.) 

In the Documents section of the ECO forum you can find an old copy of the Atwood Furnace manual - I will try to update it when possible.

Meantime, you might check out these links for more information:

And this site looks very promising:

Exploded parts view - the 85 hundred series is halfway done the page.  It might be worth a call to these people too:
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[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]
Thanks Rich! I’ll check out the info and links you’ve provided.
I can offer some help accessing the sail switch if you need it....Did you get your heater fixed yet?

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