2020 Changes??
We have been still looking for the perfect 1165. Not much movement from dealers on pricing. We were wondering if anyone has heard of any changes coming down the line for 2020? The wife really wants the convection oven instead of the microwave and a gas/electric water heater like Host puts in there units. Dealers have given us outrageous prices for those two items. I know I could do the micro swap and I believe the Dometic water heater change is the same size. I guess it takes a lot of money to run a wire for the switch. We were hoping Adventurer would start making this an option.
Okay i was wrong. Instead of Dometic it should have been Suburban water heater. Of course I noticed it after I hit post
Yeah ... they are pretty firm with there prices , I contacted 4 dealer on a eagle cap 1200 , And made them a fair offer , I though 10-15% off was fair, I've bought 5th wheels for up to 30% off  , But they never even replied to my offers on that RV Trader... ??
So then I was going to order a 2020 from a dealer in NC , He gave us a nice deal , they seemed nice , plus delivered , But to only  find out that they are making major changes to the 2020's , The dealer called to tell me weeks into it, He found out when he was looking to place the order,
So when I called the company , But they didn't know what changes they where going to do in January yet, he said that they just stated working on it, But He did say that they are thinking about making it more like the Adventure 50th Anniversary model, He said it might be the two tone gray ,or stay white with new decals, touch screen light switch controls  , one in back, and one up front, neon like lighting , But LED ... But to make a long story short ...More contemporary... And that's Not our thing... So we canceled our order ,  We didn't want to order something that I or the company didn't knew what it was going to look like... Not for that kind of money  Sad  
But Good luck in you search
Thanks for the update.  We kind of heard the same thing for the 2020 models.  We wound up getting a really good deal On a 2019 from Tom's Camperland in Arizona. They were very good to deal with and was a pleasant experience.

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