Hardwired Surge Protector?
Has anyone installed a hardwired surge protector or are most using something that plugs into the electrical pedestal? If hardwired does anyone have pictures. Thanks
I hardwired mine in the basement, but no picture at thus time...

3 tons
Thanks. Thinking about doing it but would love to see how it looks...
I had a hardwired Surge Guard in my last camper - their instruction wanted it mounted at or close to the shore power input wires.
The only way I could do that on that camper was to remove a kitchen drawer and a face panel - it made it so that the unit could not be seen without removing the drawer.  Very inconvenient.

And too, there was a 45 second delay before the Surge Guard would connect power to the camper - apparently it "sampled" the voltage for a period before applying it to the system.

The Surge Guard was more than a simple surge protector - it would disconnect if voltage went above or below a certain level - which is absolutely necessary for any travel in Mexico.

My second protector was a simple surge protector by Progressive Industries - the kind that plugs into the pedestal - cost around a hundred bucks.  If failed after about a year.  They offered to send a new one at no charge, no exchange needed.

I bought yet another protector, this time one with both high/low/surge protection and it is NOT hardwired - it is the kind that hangs from the pedestal.
With the ones that hang from the pedestal, you have to have some type of anti-theft cable.  The advantage is that you can see it easily.  Some of them have led voltage read-outs too.
While in Mexico (a San Carlos RV park) I saw a lot of the pedestal type protectors and some had the LED voltage read outs.  It was interesting to see the voltages vary throughout the morning/day/evening.
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[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]
Because I have a portable generator, I found that the surge protector would sense a voltage issue upon each air cond compressor start-up, and repeatedly shut down genny power. So I installed a second power cord dedicated for generator use only that is wired in post surge protector...
Thanks for the feedback.  We had a Surge Guard (model # 34850) in our DRV 5th wheel and it worked great.  Plugged in at the pedestal and luckily no problems.  I think we will look at the 30 amp version.

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