What are these two switches for?
We just picked up our 2019 EC1165 but I forgot to ask the Salesman what these two switches by the entry ford are for. It is the lighted one and black one both are just above the awning  Any help would be nice. Thanks

The lighted one should be for the awning lights and the other is fo the powered awning.
Thanks for the help.  After about two hours of toggling them back and forth I found out that one turns on the LED lights on the rail on the bottom of the camper (switch is in upside down. off is up and on is down) will have to fix that. The other I believe is like you said, for the awning LED light strip. Only problem is that I can't open the awning 'cause it is hitting the kitchen slide out. I will look at it later today when the sun comes out.
    I think I figuared out how to send an image.

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