Our new unit 2019 EC1165
Well we finally picked it up.  We took pocession of our new EC1165 on Wednesday and after an adventurous drive in a wind storm in NM we are heading home. A big difference going from a 42' 5th wheel to a truck camper, but very comfortable. We loaded it on the first try and it rode nicely on the back of our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd.  Once we get home I'll replace the stock shocks with the Bilstein and get the Hellwig sway bar put on, but honestly the truck did fine without them. I think both will help in the wind though. We also have Torklift upper stableloads and Timbren bump stops instead of air bags and they work great. 
As far as the camper goes,  this is a nice unit.  Working with Tom's Camperland in Phoenix was GREAT.  They were the easiest group of people to work with ever. Everything we asked for was done and even the extra items were installed nicely. The unit is fully loaded with every option available and we installed a Dish Network playmaker and quick connect for the Bbq. I plan on removing the microwave and replacing with a micro/convection oven and adding a slide-in stovetop and removing the oven and making additional storage for the long trips. I think I'll also remove the frosted glass on the entry door and replace with something that is tinted and clear for more visibility. All in all, we are happy and ready to get back on the road and travel on.....
Congrats, we took the factory tour late last year and were a bit impressed with their build process, especially their use of Lamalux exterior siding... Thanks for posting!

3 tons
Hi    I am a new EC 1160 owner.  just picked up a like new 2017.  I am also carrying it with a 2015 Silverado 3500 HD Drw  4x4. I added airbags,Rancho 9000 shocks,extra leaf spring in rear, and top overload bump stops. Overall ride is good except on bumpy roads and pavement seams. I have stock Michelin tires  LTX 235/80-17 . I know there is a lot of chatter on the Tc forum about upgrading to 19.5 wheels.  Just wondering how you experience is with the 1165 and similar truck. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.    Thanks
No problems so far. The camper seems to ride pretty level on the truck and we added:

1.  "Torklift" upper stableloads (since they don't sell lowers for our truck), 
2. "Timbren" bump stops instead of airbags (had air ride suspension on other trucks and didn't like it),
3. Upgraded the factory shock absorbers to "Bilstein" just because I wanted them 
4. "Hellwig  Big Wig Sway Bar" to help with body roll. 

 I guess everything I put on could be used for everyday driving also.
The truck is running and driving great. You do feel the bumps in the road but with the exception of I-70 around Indianapolis which is "Horrible" it does good. We will cross the Smoky Mountains today as we head to Nashville so first windy mountain test.
 I don't see the need for 19s yet unless I missed something. 
Hope you enjoy the EC1160. We saw one here at Myrtle Beach SP on a Ford F350 pulling an big  enclosed motorcycle trailer. It looked really nice....
Thanks  for the quick reply.  If you get a spare minute I'd like to talk to you and chat about a few issues. if you want to you can call me at  330 5547209     Thanks   Jim
Jim, what pressure do you have in your air bags?
 I have the wireless controller and able to dial in the best pressur while traveling.  It helps alot.
 My 2011 Ford needed 80 to 90 psi for the best ride.
 My 2011 F450 needs only 40.
 Also, how are your tires?
 Tire brands and age can make a big difference.
 You probably need to be at the max inflation on the rear, front should be the same as what you run empty.
 100% of the campers Wright, and some weight from the front axle,  will be on the rear axle of your truck.

I'll try and call you later today (Monday) as we are on the road.

Hi Bob     I have been expermenting with different pressures in the air bags and it seems to handle best at about 
               90 psi. I raise it up just a hair above the overload bump stops.  I just added the extra leaf springs so I've only had a test run with them. As far as the tires ,it still has OEM Michelin LT235/80r17 which will need replacing this year. They are load range E and have a max load of 2835 at 80 lbs cold.  i'm open to suggestions on any of these issues. I have had four other truck campers-Lance 1161,AF 1150,Bigfoot 10.6,Lance 992 but none were as heavy as this one. We love the layout and room in this unit and plan on snowbirding this coming winter.

Ok   Thanks Joe            jIm
Jim, you MIGHT be a little too high of pressure in the air bags.
 I have found if you take too much weight off the springs you might have more top heavy feeling or sway.
 Each set up is different, so it's hard to say.
 I personally would keep some weight on the overloads if you have the upper stableloads.
 Personal opinion  is you want ALL the springs to be working together to get the best ride and control when loaded.

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