Our new unit 2019 EC1165
Congrats on the new EC1165, we bought our 2018 about 7 months ago after trading our 35 foot TT. And my wife and myself are extremely happy, we have replaced the frosted glass on the door from amazon tinted glass with a shade. Our biggest issue if you could call it an issue was the sink cabinet doors, no room when trying to get into them. So we placed a piano hinge connecting them so it opens as one door and no no issues. And we are also going to replace the microwave with convection/microwave in a few months, so far since downsizing we are finding we need much less stuff. Now we are actually finding empty drawers and spots in the camper.  Anyway I hope you enjoy yours as much as we are with ours.
Glad to see your enjoying yours also. We also thought downsizing was going to be an issue but the complete opposite is true. Please send a picture of the completed  micro/convection replacement conversion. Do you plan on just using the "High Pointe Micro/Convection or another brand? I just received the extra drawer to replace the oven from Adventurer and looking at putting a Breville toaster convection in place of the microwave and just a stovetop. The extra drawer is nice.
We also replaced the frosted glass entry door the first day and love the extra light. I think I heard that Adventurer is going to make that an option on the 2020.
We also changed the bathroom faucet with one that has a longer neck and replaced the crummy towel bar with 2 bars that match the faucet and towel ring which we added also. My wife had the neighbor heam the shower curtain so now it doesn't gather in the tub. Putting 2 Maxair vent covers on this week and we are replacing the mattress with one that has more support. Also waiting for the stablecamper system to arrive this week. I hope that it helps with the rocking when the camper is off the truck.
We broke the camper in nicely taking a two month trip from Colorado to the east coast and back with no issues (knock on wood). Looking forward to the next trip.
Hope you enjoy yours.....

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