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So far, so good on our maiden voyage going the truck camper route. The one big issue we can't overcome is the rocking motion when we walk around inside. The legs can't go any lower but we feel the wind and when we walk around it rocks. I've seen some new units in Ohio with the "Stablecamper " installed and was wondering does it really work with the rocking motion? Any feedback would be great, thanks...
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I haven't experienced it but have seen it in use.  I don't take the camper off the truck anymore like I used to.  I simply lower the jacks if we feel the need.
It looks like a great design and probably well worth  it for those who unload the camper for any period of time
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[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]
Lightly setting the camper base on some type of blocks or stands and 2Xs makes a huge difference.
Thank you for the reply.
The blocks won't work since we have no place to store them on the road.
We spoke with Candice and Jared from "Stablecamper" and the reviews from others that have purchased have all been positive. I will complete my order once we get home in a few weeks and try to post a complete review of the product.

On a side note, my wife had a neighbor shorten the shower curtain so it doesn't gather in the tub basin and it works GREAT. Thinking of calling Yakima and ordering a spare to have on hand and do the same with it. We purchased a Lavario portable washing machine and clean the curtain regularly. It makes a big difference.
I had the Torque Lift Wobble Stopper on my 1165 and it worked ok.
I put the 4 bar complete Stable Camper kit on and it is 100% better.
Buy One!! You will not regret it!!! Smile
Great customer service also!!
Will here is my update on the Stablecamper system. I installed it the other day and it's 100% better. Yes, we still get a little movement in the camper but the rocking motion has stopped. Overall VERY satisfied with the product and support. I highly recommend it if you remove the camper for any period of time.
<p>         </p><p>Here are two pictures of the final install.</p>

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