Always Plugged in.
Good Day all.
Names Jake, Live and Camp in the Great PNW (Washington State). We have an 1165 on a Chevy 3500.

With introductions out of the way..

We like to keep our camper stocked and ready so we generally keep it plugged in all the time when at home.
(keeps the fridge cold and the batteries charged.) 

Question. Is this good on the batteries to be always charging?  I kind of assumed the camper is equipped with staged charger that will trickle the batteries.
Thanks for the help.
It depends on the charger.  Is Eagle Cap still using the Progressive Dynamics charger?  Those are good.  I left mine on charge for years - checked the battery frequently and never had to add water.  
Battery life will also depend on the battery.  I've purchased deep cells from Costco (Kirkland brand, now discontinued) only to have them go bad in less than two years.

The one hazard with leaving food in the fridge is if no one notices when there is a power loss and the food goes bad.  Or if the fridge is accidentally switched over to propane and the propane runs out.  It happened to me with salmon in the fridge.  It took a lot of work and time to get the smell out.   Undecided
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Ditto what Rich said, including the fridge.  We ended up with a freezer full of popsicle juice after a relay failed in the fridge.

Our campers stays plugged in 24/7 when not on the road with a PD charger and Walmart (Interstate) batteries last over 5 years.

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