2004 EC 850 -- Centre of Gravity?
Desperately seeking COG info for a 2004 EC 850 Northwest Edition....I have one I'm looking to purchase, but need to be certain about the COG location. I can't find anything online except the brochure, which doesn't have any "real" specs!!

Can anyone assist? (And do you have actual weight info, too, as the label on the TC is quite ... gone.)

Thanks folks!!
The original owner of the '04 EC 850 found the original (!) manuals and paperwork. 

COG is 52" from the point of contact from where the camper contacts the back of the truck. Not super-descriptive, so I assume that means from the vertical portion at the rear of the "inside / underneath" portion of the camper. It's metal-covered in mine. In my F350 that put it just barely on the proper side of the rear axle.

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