2017 Eagle Cap 1165 + 2016 F350 dually 4w
<p>I have a complete outfit, a 2017 Eagle Cap fully stocked plus a 2016 F350 dually 4w.</p><p>The camper came fully stocked from solar panels, roof rack, generators, recliners, 2 TVs,&nbsp; etc. Mods we have added include improving door 1-way window, inverter, we-booster, keyless entry, added shelves to the front storage closet and more. Camper and truck in excellent condition. All truck services have been through a Ford dealership (proof receipts&nbsp;available). Asking $95,000 for the pair. Will sell camper without the truck for $48,000. I will not sell the truck first. I will be happy to provide pictures or more information.</p><p>Thanks.</p><p><br></p>
EC 1165 2017
F350 2016

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