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We have the typical Happijac mounting to the front of the pickup bed. This worked great with the Lance 1050 camper we had. However, we decided to sell the Lance but a short time later we regretted not having a camper. So we found a extremely nice used Adventurer 910FBS with a slide that we now have.

Adventurer campers have a plastic "bumper" that spaces the camper back from the front of the truck bed about 4 inches. This "bumper" gets trapped by the Happijack bar that goes across the front of the bed when lowering or raising the camper. This can result in pulling the screws holding the plastic bumpers out of the camper. Also, the two round rubber guides on the Happijac mount are so short that they don't center the camper or prevent it from moving side to side when traveling.

I removed the plastic bumpers and used a 2x4 spacer between the camper and  the truck bed. Two problems - the camper slides from side to side too much since nothing holds it centered. And, when the camper is positioned so close to the front of the truck bed the style of electric jacks commonly used today make the front jacks protrude so far forward so that the rear doors on my Quad cab won't open. I do have a rubber mat - horse stall type - but the camper still slides on the mat.

So, I'm wondering if anyone here has an Adventurer camper with a similar mount with a good solution.
I have a sorta work-around that ‘may’ or may not help with the HJ mounting system (??)...

The front of my Camper (EC 995) has a two rubber blocks (one on each front side).

I use a 2x4 that I lay a atop the bumpers (east to west) flat on it’s side...

On one side of the board I cut out a notch slightly wider that the width of the basement, and on the ends, cut to fit the contour of the truck bed’s width nearest it’s forward bulkhead...

The notch on the camper’s front ensures that the camper stays nearly centered but with just enough wiggle room to facilitate the loading process...To load, I simply lay the board (I call it a ‘centering board’) atop the two rubber blocks and back-up the truck...Due to the forward most vertical bed stanchions, the bed gets narrower nearest the cab, so I simply ‘inch’ the truck back the last few inches and make steering adjustments as needed.

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