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2019 EC1165 toaster/Convection install
Well I took out the microwave, reinforced the shelf and put in a heat shield then put in the Breville toaster/convection oven. Will be removing the oven and installing just a stovetop and drawer where the oven is.

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    Well the toaster convection works great.
Yesterday I removed the oven and replaced it with the drawer I purchased through Adventurer. I also put in a stand alone cooktop. The extra space is great and it looks like it came from the manufacturer this way. Installation was slow but everything fit with little modification.
Nice job!  The drawers look good and like lots of very efficient new storage space.
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]
My wife has been making "noise" about wanting me to remove the microwave in our 89RB unit and doing exactly what you have done..  

We have the exact same unit sitting on our kitchen counter and she LOVES it!  Married for over 40 years, I've learned you give the "cook" what she wants, or suffer the consequencs!!

My major concern has been shielding the cabinet interior from the intense heat that little sucker puts out, and you've done it. So, I have some questions:

I'd like to ask about the different "designs"  of shielding the inside cabinet you considered (just the top, bottom, or whole interior) and what material you ultimately used.

Did you "bolt" the unit down inside the cabinet? If so, how?

Thanks in advance..

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