AZDEL use?
I am really trying hard NOT to buy a Lance 1172. There are a couple of questions that has me more on the fence, between the two, that I want to be.

1.  Does EC use luan plywood in their units or are they using Azdel?  Once you read about rot (among other things) its a REAL plus to use Azdel.
2.  Jacks....Has EC had any improvements in the crappy jacks?  There are a ton of threads complaining about having to replace them....multiple times.

3.  Lippert slides, the Schwintek units.  Please tell me they do a better job with them than Lance!

4.  Last, what is the real dimension of the 1160's rear bed?

Thank you, thank you, to all who may give some input!

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According to Eagle Cap General Manager Dave Frampton, as reported in Truck Camper Magazine (May 2011):

Quote:For the 2012 Eagle Cap line, we’re using a high gloss skin called Lamilux 4000.  We’re applying the Lamilux 4000 to Azdel, a waterproof thermoplastic composite, using our in-house hot melt lamination system.  The Lamilux 4000 and Azdel are then applied to our aluminum frame to create a side wall that is stronger and lighter than the old Eagle Cap side walls while maintaining Eagle Cap’s high gloss finish.

TCM: So the new Eagle Cap wall is not luan backed?

Dave: No, it’s backed by Azdel, a thermoplastic composite that’s lighter, stronger, and can’t physically rot.  Azdel is a waterproof material and it bonds extremely well to aluminum.
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So, is the ceiling Azdel too or is it luan?  I'm really trying to figure out what or where the potential issues lie?
I did a factory tour awhile back and do not recall their use of Azdel ...I would contact the factory to verify...Maybe a cost cutting thing??

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