Utility Switch???
Got my 850 last year, without instructions.  Haven't camped yet as there were repairs to do, and I had to wait for guys to come and do them.  Does anyone know what this on/off switch is for?  Hot water tank or what?

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Don't know for sure.  But would guess that it might be for the fan to circulate air into the basement?
Can you hear a fan noise?
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
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I will check that out.  I have no idea.  Thanks for the input!  Smile Smile
Sorry - missed this as I haven't checked the forum in a bit. Yes, it is to turn on a small fan inside the cabinet under the sink to push air back to the water pipes and tanks in cold weather. Just crack the door a bit and hit the fan if camping in freezing (or potentially freezing) temperatures.

And I do have a manual. I can PDF it and upload it, but won't be home for a few more weeks.
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2004-05 EC Manual and a couple of other docs attached including official specs.

Sorry about the kinda crappy pics in the pdf, but they're all readable.

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.pdf   EC 2004-05 Owners Manual.pdf (Size: 11.28 MB / Downloads: 120)
.pdf   EC 850 2004 official specs.pdf (Size: 134.02 KB / Downloads: 96)
.pdf   Golden Rules of Loading and Unloading.pdf (Size: 262.15 KB / Downloads: 105)
.pdf   Happijac QuickRef Guide.pdf (Size: 1.22 MB / Downloads: 115)
Thanks so much.  I do hear a fan noise, but wasn't sure what it was for.  I only camp April to October and only when it is warm enough here in BC, so would I need to use it???

I will download those pdf's for sure.  Many thanks Smile
I only run it when it gets pretty cold...we were camped on VanIsle for a bit and it was down to around 4C, so ran it then off and on, but only because I was concerned about the wind, which was rather fierce for a few days. Didn't want the lines to freeze through wind chill. (No idea what to do about that while driving, either! But I guess running heat inside, and that fan would thaw any small frozen bits....)

I think the newer models, though manufactured by a different company, are a bit better insulated. I also have an Arctic Fox trailer which is definitely better insulated for cold weather camping.
Wow - just returned here to look something up. AMAZED at the number of downloads of the manual etc!!

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