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Anyone have a good bed in there camper yet that’s dosent hurt your back I have tried a memory foam but it’s not all that good any way what has anyone else got that would recommend
Good morning, 
After purchasing our 2019 EC1165 in April we took one trip with the mattress that came with the camper and decided that was enough.  I have very bad back issues and the stock mattress was horrible.  After some research we came across this mattress on Amazon (Serenia Sleep 8in  Memory Foam RV queen mattress). The reviews were good and it fit in the space needed so we could still open and close the wardrobe closet easily. We have had the mattress since early May and have slept in the bed often with after least 45 days camping so far and no issues.  My back feels better (not great) but the mattress does help. Hope this helps.
I have a bad back, so I need just the right mattress. I didn't like the factory supplied mattress, but then I put a memory foam mattress topper from Walmart on top of it, now I love it. I sleep much better in the camper now than I do on my $1500 mattress at home.

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