New Owner Questions EC 1160... Almost a New Owner
Good afternoon, all.
I am still researching and trying to decide.  And I still think of stuff or read about situations that give me pause.  Here are a few questions only a user/owner could answer.  FYI I have never owned a TC, RV Trailer, etc.
How do you wash this TC, 1160?   Can it go thru a large 18 wheeler wash station or do you  buy a pressure washer and get after it?  Can you find wash stations at RV parks?  I am thinking about the times I might get out late fall or early spring and get a lot of road spray.

Does anyone have issues with the factory-installed access steps?  Has anyone installed the MORryde Step Above unit?  Success?  Satisfied?

Any reasons why I could not store this unit, for a few months at time, in a large carport and not an enclosed barn?  I live in West Texas where the heat does get into the 100's ( one of the many reasons I want to escape for a few weeks at a time.).  The wind blows and we get hail every spring.  And some snow in the winter.  I have thought about the enclosed metal barn but that gets way beyond my budget.

What is the preference:  20lb or 30lb Propane tanks, considering the tight fit in the compartment and the availability of 30lb tanks on the road.

Does anyone use/recommend using a surge protector for shore electrical hookups?

Has anyone measured the overall height of this unit on a Ford F450 made in the last 3-4 years? Factory info at Eagle Cap website states the TC is 112" including the AC.  My 2013 F350 is about 34"-36" high at the rear end.  That seems to be just right at 12'; many overhead doors that the RV storage places are 12'.  Hmmmmm.

Has anyone found a need to remove the rear Jacks to allow getting across dips in the less travel path....?  The overhang question...

Thanx again for any comments and suggestions....
Hi   I am also a new 2017 1160 owner. You have raised a lot of thoughtful issues. I wash my unit with a long screw in wand (painters tool) with a brush attached.  I wouldnt trust any car wash. When out 1160 is on the truck there are height issues with the first step. I have experimented with several diy fixes using modified step stools but have not setteled on a great solution yet. As far as the propane tank I removed one tank for weight purposes and use the empty area to store our camping rug. We camp mostly in hookup state parks so the 30 lb works for us.
I always use a surge protector when plugged in.Its cheap protection. Paid about $100 for ours.
Hope this helps.    Jim
20 lb propane tanks are fine.  They can last weeks for most camping purposes.  If you run the generator and air conditioner for long periods of time and do it frequently, then you might want the 30 lb tanks.  But for most instances, we are not going to campsites that put us in survival mode - When temps get high enough to require constant AC or constant heat, we move on.  If you have lower back issues, then you want the 20 lb tanks.

11' 6" had been the height of my last three truck/camper rigs.  I figure 12' for most cases - if unloading inside of a structure, the rig requires more clearance.  A structure interior height should be over 12 feet tall so that the camper can be jacked up.

Surge protectors are a good idea but not necessary when camping in the US.  If you cross the southern border into Mexico, then you darn well need a superior surge protector - one with low/high voltage cut off.
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Thanks, Jim.  Wishing you the best of trips.....
Thanx, Rich.

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