Low Point Drain Location
Hi  I recently purchased a 2017 Eagle Cap 1160 and for the most part am very happy with it. However one thing that 
drives me crazy is the location of the low point drains for the hot and cold water. You have to crawl on your belly 
inside the basement compartment to access the valves which is neither easy or convenient. Seems like another 
example of an engineer (by the way I was a mechanical engineer) who never actually tried to see if this was a good 
or bad idea. I've been trying to figure some way to re-route the drains but havent come up with a good solution.
Has anyone else found a way to improve this frustration ? Huh
Where are they on the 2017?
On my 2019 I just open the storage door and they are in plain sight.
HI    I recently posted about the low point drain location on my EC 1160.  Am I the only one who has an issue with the location ?    Any input would really be appreciated.
Have you discussed this drain location problem with the Dealer?  What advice did they offer?

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