About to take the EC 1200 Plunge
about to buy a 1200 upgrading from Lance 650. Just upgraded to F350 2019 w 14,000 GVWR package and I’m ready to go. 

I have some nagging questions and concerns which is why I/m up at 4 am.  Confused

1- is EC a good quality manufacturer? The 1200 I found is a 2016 built 10/2015. I want something that is built to last. Hate reading about slider and cap delam issues. 

2- new to slides. Are they full of issues in general? Closure,  seal, motors, rubbing?

2- do they all come with power jacks?

Hope this newbie can get some help. My neighbor and RV mentor has the 1165 EC and I was impressed. I now have a gf and more dogs so the plan of riding the 650 into the sunset has morphed into a 1200

I have the truck now. Is the EC 1200 a good buy. Assume I love the layout and features. 

Thanks so much. Ryan
Just FYI for responders I just requested to join the EC FB group. Looking forward to networking with this owner family. 

Question: does anyone find a significant disadvantage in not being able to enter a camper at all without opening slides? Sometimes that’s helpful in my Lance 650. In practical terms, how does this shake out when traveling?


I hope you get all your questions answered and you are happy with decision. I too had a few sleepless nights wondering if I made the right decision. We moved from a 42' 5th wheel to a EC1165. We looked at the EC1200 but the only thing the wife didn't like was the bathroom. As far as your questions.

1. Eagle Cap is a very good company in my opinion. I have reached out to them many times with questions and some issues and they have answered everything promptly. Even when I had a problem with my Heki skylight they just sent me a BRAND NEW one. Those are very expensive and not a question asked. If I had to buy again from Adventurer,  YES...

2. The slides on our unit (2019 EC1165) work just fine. Yes it is brand new but over time we shall see. All I can say is stay ahead of any issues that come up. Keep the tops clean of debris and spray lubricate on the guides and rubber seals. Our 5th wheels had 5 slides and never had a problem.

2a. Power Jacks. I can't answer that one because the one you are looking at is a 2015 and I'm not sure. Ours does have power jacks and works well.

In closing, we picked up our unit April 3rd and have used it until last weekend and have gone from coast to coast. We were in a hurricane, heavy winds and scorching heat and everything has worked great.  One thing I say to my wife is that a camper, any RV at any price tag is a rolling earthquake and something will break over time. 
Hope this helped a little.

Hey Joe. Super helpful post. Can’t thank you enough. It does have power jacks. I think they all do. 

Got my truck ready. Just ordered tie downs. Can’t wait!
Congrats on the new truck!  I just bought a 2020 EC1200 I found online (good deal, I think).  Going to pick it up in a few days, so I have just seen pictures so far.  Bought it sight unseen by me in CA, but had a truck-camper-owning relative (and friend) check it out and take delivery.  At first, I’m mounting it on my 2015 F350 CC LB 4X4 dually.  Recently added upper and lower overload spring blocks, bigger front/rear (anti-)sway bars, extended hitch, frame-mounted tie-down anchors, SS fast-gun tie-downs, all Torklift stuff.  Already had airbags on all corners, dual adjustable remote-reservoir shocks, travel limit straps, and leveling kit on the fronts, for pulling my 5th wheel TH, same model as another here: 2014 Dutchman Voltage 3818.

Much cheaper than the Host Mammoth (also a triple-slide) I was considering.  I like the two cab-over entries (why I did not get the 1165), but looks like a tiny bath and sink as a result of that floor-plan.  Life is a compromise.

We plan a short shakedown camping trip with both truck campers soon, then I’ll bring it home to TX.  But, I have to remove my 91-gallon aux diesel transfer tank/toolbox to make room in the bed first (and bed side-steps, high-rise camper-shell).  (Going to miss that).

Future plan is to trade-in my 5th-wheel, and current truck(s), for a 2020 F-450 next year (aluminum body, 10-speed tranny, 48 gallon fuel tank, TPMS, bigger brakes and stronger axles, much stiffer boxed frame, etc.  Thinking of a custom order with dual larger alternators, no moonroof, massaging seats, etc.

Should be a lot of fun!  Enjoy, and hope to see you on the road.

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