Eagle Cap 1160 Dump Valves
I posted this on rv.net, but did not get anything useful so going to try it here.

Has anyone replaced their dump valves on an Eagle Cap 1160?  They are so far up in the basement I am hoping there is a magic entry hidden away somewhere.  If not, any recommendations on how to get to them for replacement?

Thanks in advance!
I have no idea, but you might try the factory for some advice.
Hi   I have a 2107 EC 1060. Are you referring to the black and grey valves or the low point drains ?
      I added an outside door near the low point drains for easier access. I'd be glad to share that with you.
I missed your reply...

The actual dump valve needs replacing.  On mine it is several feet forward of the back door of the basement.  I have no idea how to get to the valve to replace it!  My low point drains are just inside of that door perhaps in the same spot as yours.

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