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Converter not charging batteries; cannot locate wire.
I'm a new member and glad to be here; this is my first post. 

My converter is not charging the batteries. I bought a 2020 Eagle Cap 1200 (love it!) in January and we have been traveling in it most of the time. 

Tech support determined that the original converter was defective so company sent new one. Now my newly swapped converter is putting out the correct 13.6v but that power is not making it to my two deep cycle marine batteries.

I am trying to trace the (+) black wire from the converter to the batteries to determine if there is an inline fuse that is tripped, break in the line somewhere, etc.

I cannot find any large black (+) wire in the basement or elsewhere that is putting out 13.6v from the converter. 

I've located and identified all five wires going to the three reset breakers and battery disconnect in the basement. see photo. I disconnected all from the lugs and traced them:
-thinner red is from the GoPower solar
-one thick black goes to the batteries
-another thick black to the battery disconnect pull/push switch
-another thick black to the happijacs
-thinner black to the three slide outs
-one thick and one thin black jumper wires connect the three reset breakers together. 

Nowhere on the three reset breakers or the disconnect can I locate the single black (+) wire producing 13.6v.

Right now, only the solar (+) is making it to the batteries. Yesterday, solar was 1.8v and that is what I was getting at the batteries.

I cannot locate the neutral bus bar or the chassis ground either, but I don't feel these are relevant here. Please advise.

I also did not test anything in the transfer switch/relay box since this appears to be all line voltage (120v)

1. Any assistance and help would be much appreciated. 

2. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 2020 Eagle Cap 1200?

Thank you!

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I don’t have a model 1200 but I might suggest a good place to start would be to de-power the camper and using a long jumper wire connected to an ohm meter (preferably with audible signal) or by injecting a tone with a signal generator

to verify relevant wire continuity from the converter-charger (+) to the battery... If it has a Progressive Dynamics charger, there should be a blade fuse on the unit... Also verify that the new charger is outputting current - even a cheap HF voltmeter is capable of transiting through it up to 10amps (to say a dummy load) without damage.

Upon edit, if the 12v appliances continue to run after having disconnected the battery, the converter is working.
If there is a wire from the battery and one from the disconnect switch then wouldn’t the other side of the disconnect switch need to connect to the load center and converter?  I assume the slide, jacks and solar are all direct wired to the battery?

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