Lithium Battery Install
Just thought I’d mention this for anyone who might be getting ready to take the Lithium plunge- lol...I recently swapped out my two 6v GC’s for one 200a/hr LiFePO4 with built-in BMS...It’s taken me a bit to become familiar with and adapt to this new technology, but now I gotten a far better handle on the characteristics of Lithium in a RV...One major advantage is that recharging times are greatly reduced, this an especially nice attribute during periods of marginal solar harvest, and the voltage curve is nearly flat, meaning there’s almost no drop off of voltage throughout the entire breadth of discharge. One disadvantage however is that Lithium cannot be charged below 32deg/f, though it will continue to discharge Ok... Because of this, I simply relocated the battery into the Camper’s interior and repurposed the battery box for storage - there’s no hazardous off-gassing with lithium ... So far no regrets, and more usable capacity and longevity, but with far less weight... 

Prices are steadily coming down, so hope this helps those who are considering converting...

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I don't have a camper that I really like, otherwise, I would consider a Lithium battery for the long term.
(I would buy another Eagle Cap 1150 if they ever decide to produce them again - in which case I would require at least 400 watts solar and go with a lithium battery setup.
Meanwhile, I will simply buy another pair of lead acid 12 volt batteries at Costco - thier store is nearby, they have a good return policy and the batteries are fairly cheap.

The battery built-in Battery Management System (BMS) and charge/discharge rates are worth the money for those who off-grid camp very much.

A friend has a triple slide Host camper and to my knowledge, he never camps off pavement.   Sad
My preference is to always camp off pavement and off grid whenever the opportunity presents itself.
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