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The versatel 811
The Eaglecap factory info:
Thanks for the new forum @admin-rich!!

We are pretty stoked about this model, having an older (pre-Yakima) 2004 EC850 - which we also LOVE, but it is getting a bit older now.

The new model has almost as much storage but a FAR more functional kitchen in it. We went and examined a unit yesterday. The feeling of "space" in the unit is not quite as good as the newer (2018+?) 850 due to some limited vision obstruction by the over-the-sink cabinet. On the other hand, the light inside is better (bigger kitchen window) and the flow of the room is great. We love the pantry in the 850, but the space is largely, though not entirely, made up in the 811 elsewhere. The other thing I miss is the deep side storage beside the bed (both sides); the 811 has it only one side, but a much bigger wardrobe, albeit some taken up by a box.

A bit disappointed with the joey and outside storage...where are we going to put our BBQ? The answer may be to build a small box or strap/attachment on the rear bumper. The storage box is simply too small for it.

I'm sad to see the demise of the 850 which I thought was a fantastic layout and space for the back of a short-bed truck, but the 811 is, indeed, more functional.

Now, about that $43,000 ($CDN) price tag....(likely in the mid-$30s US?).
Just had an email conversation with of 2021 the 8.11EC is no longer offered AND they are no longer (as of 2018) providing an 850. The special once-per-year run they used to do is apparently no longer.

Very sad that a short-box option is now no longer available. For my money the 850 is the best designed camper anywhere available, with the 8.11EC a very close second (lacks the pantry which we love!).

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