Comparing insulation: old vs new units
We have an 2004 EC 850. Its one lack is decent insulation. It's not bad, but it's not a patch on our Arctic Fox trailer (2015) which has a fully insulated basement and much thicker sidewall and roof insulation.

Unfortunately for Arctic Fox, we really don't like the kitchens in the their camper units...the EC beats them by a country mile for storage (and an actually usable place for a garbage can!).

We've looked and "newer" EC 850s (like a 2016 or so), and at much newer (2019) 811s. Because we like winter camping my biggest concern is how good the insulation is on the newer models and whether it really is much better than on the old ones. (Of course this applies to keeping cooler in the summer heat, too, but it's winter that is more an issue for us.)

Can anyone who has had both old and new ECs comment?

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