Use the slides without jack support?
Hi Eagle Cap Owners,
is it a good idea and recommended by Eagle Cap to use the three slideouts even that the jacks are not lowered down and the camper is standing on the truck without jack support?
I have heard, that I should use my 1165 triple slides only if the jacks are supporting the camper and it is perfect leveled out.

Otherwise the heavy slides could cause bending of the floor. 
What is correct?


Do you have an owner's manual for your camper?
And what truck do you have?

I always put jacks down and level on my camper (it has only one big slide) because it will make the truck springs sag to one side and un-levels the camper and truck.
And I'm afraid that a non-level camper will put more strain on the slide motors.
And of course it will put stress on the camper frame, and probably also on the truck bed.

I can't say for certain that it is correct, but it seems to make sense.
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It is a 2011´ Chevy 3500 Silverado.



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Having the same camper as you and the only differance is the year of my Chevrolet (2015). We always try and get the Truck and camper as close to level as possible and then put the legs down to support the camper and keep it from rocking inside then open the slides. I usually unclip the fastguns from the truck as to not put extra strain on them then put down all four of the landing gear to just touch the plastic levelers. Nothing to dramatic just to support the camper.  No stress on the truck, camper, fastguns or slidesout motors. The main thing is you want the camper LEVEL before opening any slide otherwise the chance of binding a motor or glide increases.

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