Eagle Cap 950 weight 5200 lbs
Hi, newbie here, just bought an Eagle Cap 950 2011, one slide, gen set, A/C, 290 watts solar, rear and side awnings. I love my new camper, it is well insulated, I have all the possible options I think and hope to enjoy for a few years. 

I am a bit surprise about the weight. I took it to the scale and it weight 5200 lbs. My truck is a sinsle rear wheel, 8400 lbs.. With the camper, it weights 13,600 lbs. On the TC sticker is states 3495 lbs, so it's like near 2000 lbs heavier.

What is it like on your's, any issues I could encounter? Thanks.
I’d say this amount of weight seems suspect, but you don’t mention number of batteries, LPG tank size (and if filled?) water and waste tank capacities (and if filled?), and household goods inside camper...

It’s been a number of years since I weighed my 2009 dry-bath, single-slide 995, but for reference purposes, loaded with two full 30# LPG tanks, two 63# 6v batteries, 60gal fresh water, household goods, and 440w of solar, it’s somewhere’s around 4900-4950 lbs... I carry it on a 16 Ram 4x4 CC, cummins dually...Just saying...

3 tons
Yes, this was loaded. 2 x 20 lbs propane is around 80 pounds, 50 gallon of water is around 400 lbs. Solar 300 watt maybe 100 lbs, gen set 100 lbs, A/C 100 lbs and there was not much in the camper, maybe add 200 lbs. I do not know any other option that would add weight on this camper.

Total added option would sum up to around 1000 lbs. On the camper sticker is says 3495 lbs, so let say 4500 loaded with all options and some stuff included. On this I do not know if the slide is considered as an option which would add some weight too.
Well, my 995 doesn't have a genny since I opted for a Honda 2000, but has every other option that EC offered...FWIW, looking at the 2009 brochure the slide is standard in both the 950 and 995.

Weights for the 950 is listed as est. 2850 dry and 3320 wet, and for the 995 est. 3250 dry and 3850 wet.
The 950 floor length is 9’-10”, OAL is 18’-2”, 995 floor length is 10’-2”, OAL is 18’-6”
950 Water capacity is 46g fresh, 32g/22g gray/blk, 995 water capacity is 60g fresh, 32g/28g gray/blk.

3 tons
On the scale it says 5,500 +.

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