Bridgestone or Michelin?
It's coming about time to replace the 6 tires on the tow vehicle. The original tires were Michelin LTX but I'm thinking about going with Bridgestone Duravis M700? They list that tire as a commercial truck tire with a stronger sidewall. The Michelin have been great (45000) miles but wearing. We only use the truck 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD to carry the EC1165. Any thoughts?
Some folks swear by Michelin, but over the years I’ve had two sets on my DRW Ram (4950# EC camper) and have had cracking sidewalls and unimpressive life expectancy... I’ve since switched to Firestone AT 2’s (my second set - Firestone is owned by Bridgestone) which are robust commercial rated, deeper tread, longer lasting, quiet and from my perspective are superior to Nexus, General and Michelin...Couldn’t beat the value proposition!!

Got mine at Tires Plus, a company owned Bridgestone-Firestone store...

3 tons

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