Roof Sealant - What to use?
I have an Eagle Cap 950 2011. What can I use to reseal / repair some area on the roof? From what I read, Eagle Cap and Adventurer used Sikaflex on their roof but not sure. Also, it says they use TPO membrane.

Can I use Dicor self leveling Sealant over the existing sealant to cover some sealant separation? 

If Sikaflex was used, will dicor be compatible? I know there is a new Dicor in a blue tube for TPO but I did not see any in the local RV store and I do not know if this new one would be compatible with Sikaflex either.

It seems like there was some repair done by the previous owner but I don't know what was used, it is soft to touch, spongy like stuff.

Just got an answer from Brad Boyle at Eagle Cap, he told me to use what is available in my area to substitute.

I also received an answer from Tony at Dicor and he says just clean it with denatured alcool and Dicor will stick on Sikaflex no problem

So I will use Dicor Lap sealant.
Thanks for conveying the update, something to file away in my memory bank.

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