Propane shortage
"RV Travel" online reports shortages and higher prices:

For me locally, I buy propane at Tractor Supply and the last visit saw me as one of six people in line to purchase.
The propane dispenser worker, when asked, said that they sell out of propane everyday - that it was only a 1,000 gallon tank.
I've been to their location twice when they had a sign out front that said "No propane today".
I have the 30 gallon tanks - but have seen plenty of 20 gallon tanks available at the propane exchange places such as Home D, Walmart, etc.
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Well since I have 440w of solar and 200a/hr of Lithium (LiFePo4), if I ever have to replace my refer, I’ll be looking into one of the newer danfoss type compressor refers which are uber efficient...My neighbor has a 9.5 cu/ft model in his trailer with 400w of solar and it typically recovers fine (in June) by noon even with just one LFP battery!

3 tons

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