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Ken I will ask them.
Would your eyes be willing to look at the photos along with the blue prints?????

Yes.  Can't be certain that I will see everything but at least it would be a step in the right direction.
Ken Dawson
Future owner
Rick, if you get the chance, could you take two photos each time; one far back for an overall view and one close up for detail ?
I spoke with the factory yesterday (12/11/13) at aprox 08:20 and had Brad (Warranty) and Bernie (lead tech) on speaker phone.
They have not done anything to the camper yet and were thinking of moving it into the service bay by the end of the day.

It sounds like they will remove the dinette slide box and start taking measurements of the cut out in the wall and the slide box.
I told them about the flexing of the floor and aso said that they should read the posts on this website and told them about having access to Ken Dawson ( engineer) if they wanted to get someone with engineering eyes to look at it. I do not know if they will.

They said several times that they understand my frustration and want to repair it once and for-all, as that is why they brought it back to the factory.

We will see and keep you posted....
While it is there I am having them also address
1) cabinet seem tape in several areas the tape edge is curling up away from the cabinet ( not sticking)
2) re-caulk the shower surround edge to the wall. (caulking cracked and is no longer sealing as water can now get behind the shower)
3) Wall cracking seems to be growing (see other post about wall cracking)
4) Interior trim around entry door pulling away again.
5) Interior trim wall to ceiling rear slide above loveseat pulling away and cracked.

I made a request for Brad to give me a bid to install a theater seating loveseat while they had the big slide out. It would be a great time to trade out the jack-knife love seat (useless as to short for a teen or adult to sleep on) for the new theater seating.  Lets hope they can do it!!

Stay tuned!!!!!

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Still sitting at the factory and have not even brought it into the service bay yet to even look at it!!!!!!
Today is December 18th and the picked it up December 2nd.

16 days and have not even moved it inside to the service bay to look at it.
Well the factory brings me my camper tomorrow 01/14/14 and they said all issues have been repaired.
I will go through it with a fine tooth comb tomorrow and will update the results.
Cross your fingers and toes!!!!
Rick Christensen
Prineville Oregon
The factory did return the camper the 14th of Jan 2014 and it has sat in covered storage until tomorrow as winter here in Central Oregon is almost over.

We will take it out this weekend for a couple of nights close to home down on the Crooked River.

So far the times I have opened the slide walls to get into the camper and to de-winterize it the dinette slide has not pinched the sweep seal !!!!!!!

We will keep our fingers crossed and hope it is repaired and nothing else will go wrong with this camper.
are you still selling it?
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We are struggling with that question!!!!!! With all the prior history of problems.

We still have 2 years left of the structural warranty and the 6 years of the extended warranty.

I think we have decided to use it, leave it on the market, and if it sells, it sells.
If it has no other problems and all of the prior repairs stay repaired, we might just keep it.

Time will tell. We love the floorplan and no one else makes this floor plan.
It sounds like they got it fixed.  Have you been using it a lot?

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