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Another torn sweep seal. That is # 3..
I sent Brad at eagle cap photos this past weekend.

After playing with the jacks, and the dinette slide out ,what is happening is, I start out as I always have. With the camper off the truck, and the floor of the camper is "spot on" level with a 4' Johnson fiberglass contractors lever,  (no water in the tanks this time.)

The top rear of the dinette slide box rests tight against the top rear corner of the wall cut out, thus pinching the sweep seal as I have stated in earlier posts.

When I extend the drivers rear Happi Jac, the floor moves and therefore lifts the floor where the slide out is attached to the floor, so the bottom rear of the slide out lifts, this opens up the rear upper corner  gap so the seal is no longer pinching. Major floor flexing....

I will wait for what Brad at E.C. tells me what to do for remedy of continuing sweep seals being torn.

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Re: TORN DINETTE SLIDE SWEEP SEAL ISSUES!!! - by rjchristensen - 11-18-2013, 10:19 AM

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