Mattress topper
We’ll soon by heading out to the east coast and thinking the time is right for a better mattress topper…Just wondering if anyone can recommend the My Pillow mattress topper??

If I were an American, I'd have a political answer for you.

I'm not, so I'll give you a real one: no. Their products are awful.
We've had several foam mattress toppers but not a name brand.
They've been 2 or 3-inch toppers.

I think it depends on the mattress a lot.
One older mattress that we moved to a guest room and then placed a 2 inch foam topper is the best one.
Guests love it.  I love it.

The mattress in our camper is a generic factory supplied mattress and is very firm.  I put a foam topper and it didn't help.
I wake with huge muscle cramps in my leg.
That mattress has to go.

Friends have $2,000K mattress that they don't like.  Then they bought a cheap Costco ($499. on sale : Cacoon) and it works for them - (guy has a bad back.)
Personally, I think that the return policy is the most important thing.  
And be mentally prepared to return it if you don't get a good nights rest.
Thanks Rich, I’m not sure how difficult it would be to get the mattress out of the camper…We have been using two mattress toppers on top of the OEM Firm mattress, but I tend to sleep on my side and even with the two toppers my hip sockets get fairly sore…The best solution may be just to replace the mattress…Thanks,

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If I were an American, I'd have a political answer for you.

I'm not, so I'll give you a real one: no. Their products are awful.”

Well, unfortunately politics have now divided some folks to a level that is unnatural if not even tribal, yet most folks would give away their eye teeth for a chance to be an American…I think we’ve only ourselves to blame…
I took the mattress out of my original EC 1150 (15 years ago) and it was difficult.
That mattress (like many) had an internal spring wire that ran ran it's perimeter.
I had to use a ratchet strap to fold the mattress in half to fit through the doorway.

Folding the mattress put a permanent bend in the spring wire.  
The mattress was still useable but the bent wire looked like a dent when the bed was made.
I would not plan on salvaging the mattress again.

That said, our camping buddies pulled the too-firm mattress out of their Arctic Fox truck camper.
It was almost new, less than a year old, and they sold it on craigslist for fifty bucks.
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]
Interesting, well that is at least a good abstract that identifies the chore ahead - the cab-over opening in my 995 is pretty tight - ugg….

Many Thanks,

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