Replacing bathroom faucet
Hi all,
Our EC 950 (2004) has a wet bath, with a small sink in the corner. We would like to change out the sink faucet, but don’t see any way to get beneath it to access the water lines.  The whole bathroom is one solid molded piece of material, and there are no outside access points that we can see.  Any idea how (and if?) this can be done?
Diane & Norm
On our 2010 950 we did replace the faucet by removing the Toilet Paper insert and working through that access point. Not sure if your 2005 version is the same.'

Gary, thank you so much for confirming what we thought was the most likely access point!  We will be giving it a go Smile

Yep - behind the bumwad dispenser. Same on our 2004 850.

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