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Newer EC850 quality question
We have an '04-05 850 made by Intermountain, so part of the "old" version of the EC line. It's very well made in general, but...well...old now, although in pretty decent shape in many ways.

Have looked at a few new ones...a 2019-2020 EC850 and a similar year 811. Both seemed of generally pretty decent quality - doors and  latches seemed tight, build quality outside was excellent, inside cupboards felt "solid" and latched positively etc.

We just looked at an 2016 850 and, frankly, I was shocked at the shoddy workmanship on it. It had clearly been reasonably well used, but there were so many things that seemed factory "light" or "cheap" on this particular model (also, no A/C or genset, or even boxes on the back where the genny would usually be), super thin cupboard doors and the fridge had a ton of (ugly to me) plastic laid over the grating.

(Sadly, they changed the layout of the dinette, reducing it by some 6" from seat back to seat back, and narrowed the cushions from 19" to 16" depth, which was a total game-changer and deal-breaker for me. I need a deep seat pan - long legs!)

Could this have been a one-off bad build (or a bad production year)? I can't believe that their general quality would be that poor...or could it have been a factory order that was "build this as cheaply/fast as possible"? Sheesh - one of the drawers fell out of the seat, the windows were not "tight"...I can't even list all the things that surprised us.

Looking for some feedback from you "newer" EC owners....we *love* this unit and its style and would be very happy to find a newer one!!

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