Slide/Floor issues??
Hi, I have a 2013 EC 950.  In 2019 I brought the unit back to the manufacturer in Yakima to remedy a problem that manifested itself in the top of the slide not going all the way in and more importantly the main floor rising up about an inch near the rear door when I retracted the slide, when the slide was extended the floor was flat.

A structural issue for sure….  The folks at Yakima effected an repair on the unit, but alas about 14 months after pick up the problem has  reared its ugly head again.  From what I can see, they installed aluminum braces in various places and I see the bottom of two carriage bolts extending out the bottom of my camper.  The repair work sheet is not specific at all.  Local shops say I should go back to the manufacturer as they would have a better handle of what is wrong.

Trouble is, Yakima is 1,100 miles away..

Anyone have any similar  floor rising slide issues?

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