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adjustment on slides?
So I have been going over this camper, lube this, tighten this and the wife is cleaning and adding person touches to it. We love it! I noticed that the Dinette slide when closed that the top esp the upper left corner does not close all the way and sticks out about an 1 1/2 inch to almost 2 out from the wall of the camper. The other corner (upper right ) is about the same.  Is there adjustment on this slide to bring the top closer to the wall of the camper?  The bottom is tight to the camper wall and none of the seals are rip or torn. I don't remember if it was like this when we looked at or not.  We also want to put an outside light on the other side of the kitchen slide has anyone done this???   I think the other mod the I am going to do is add a light above the sink and an light around the underside near the steps.   Getting the camper ready for it's first trip to the Valley of Fire in Nevada for Thanksgiving!!!
This is exactly how ours looks....due to a sagging support bracing underneath the slide. Check with a 6' level and see if the side of the camper supporting the slide is sagging. In our case it's quite can see a slight downward arc underneath the slide.
so are talking about the floor or the wall of the camper that is sagging? How long have you had your camper for ? were you able to fix it??
Sidewall/floor of the camper itself underneath the slide. As that gives way, the bottom of the slide tips "in" and the top of the slide tips "out". I'll see if I can take a picture tomorrow when I go to the shop - they're investigating a solution.

Think of the unit with the slide out entirely...mine "broke" just to the slide-side of my fridge vent and sags, though not a lot, under the slide area, and towards the back of the rig.

Mine's an EC850 '04 or '05 (middle of the year build), but talking with the guys at the shop - and they fix these regularly apparently - most of the problems are due to rot from water getting into the base structure of the camper itself, and weakening the walls/floor. Age isn't an issue. (They just fixed a 20+' slide with the same problem on a $200K unit that's only a few years old. Ugh.)
got it, will check it out this afternoon,  Thanks for all the infor so far and yeah like to see pics.  So it's at a shop for the repair of the slide?
Yep. Depends on the cost to do for me...though the camper itself was reasonably inexpensive (CDN $14K a couple of years ago, and I've added maybe $3K worth of solar, battery and other updates). So as long as the cost to fix isn't excessive, the unit is strong and good otherwise, so probably worth it to fix vs replace.
Some pix of the issue in my case. I hope they don't blow up too large on here...

One pic shows the sag - from the flat-on view it's a bit hard to notice, but I've circled it, and shown where I had to tape up a small crack on the sidewall of the camper. The second picture attempts to show the curvature below the slide somewhat more visibly.

Yea,  I see what you mean,  i took a level to mine and it does bow in the middle.  I didn't notice it when we looked at to buy or that the top of the slide to didn't close all the way on the top. My mistake, Ugh!!!  Let me know what the shop recomends on the repair. I have a question do you have the drinking water facet ?  if so is the filter under the sink?  I don't see a filter on ours under sink in fact the line is cut or the filter is missing.  I don't know kind of filter came with it and can't find any infor online about the filter
Yup - we have the drinking water faucet - we never use it. Ours didn't have any filters - we were aware of that and I believe they're easily available.

We just take our water along in 11.35l jugs (about 3 US gal) and refill as needed.

Will let you know about the slide repair when I hear from them (likely when they've finished all their winterizing as it's coming on quickly).
Well...bad news in our case. Went down to the shop (highly reputable!) today to take a look-see. Water has travelled down to the floor of the camper and caused the support framework under the bottom of the slide to rot. Hard to describe, but given the sag, sooner or later the water will work its way to a corner and could impact the ability of the jack to hold the camper and/or the slide could sag when out and not go back in.

Repair is about $500 in parts and probably $10,000 (CDN) in labour (probably about 80 hours)....and that just repairs it back to its original state. For a camper that only cost us $15,000 (CDN) and is 17 years old, it's hard to justify. Don't know what we're going to do.

Shop would have to: remove the jacks, remove the fridge, remove the slide...clean up all of the inside framework, cut back the outside laminate and replace....and maybe, in all that, try to find the source of the leak and stop it. Not a small amount of work.


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