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adjustment on slides?
Sorry for the late response; Holidays right, hope you had a good one!   Sorry to here the news about the camper! I could see it would be a tuff decision for sure.  I talked to Eagle Cap about ours and was really impressed by the customer service we got esp with our camper being out of warrenty and seven years old.  Long story short they have seen the problems before and i could bring it back to the Factory and pay for them to do the repairs or they could recommend a shop close to me that they have sent work to be done.  So i picked the latter and have a appointment for Jan 13 to take it in and get an estimate.  Wish me luck and let me what you had decided to do!  Used and new campers are so expense right now; I don't know what i would do if we run in to that same situration.
Will be good to hear what the quote looks like...I do have some pix of the EC taken's pretty interesting! 

The most notable takeaway is that most of the wood is OSB and is rotted; plywood (which is only a few bucks more per sheet) would have been a *much* better choice...even in 2004/05 and would have not been subject to such an amount of rot. OSB is notorious for this, sadly, but economics....

They are reinforcing the metal that is there with some angle iron and are resupporting the structure. Should be good as new when done. And they've found the source of the leak (at the top corner of the slide/structure - you can see this in one of the pix).

Disappointing, I guess, but we're not ready to pull the pin on this camper, toss it aside and buy something that is likely to be no better - and certainly more expensive - even if we decide eventually to go the small motorhome (Pleasure-Way size) route in a few years. Just not ready to do that yet. Still want a truck-mounted camper for the time being.

Pix below are quite big...but show lots of detail of the internals, including the rot on one of the OSB pieces.

Oh...yes...we painted it... :-)
Lovely and retro.

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Just got our camper back...fully repaired and it's a first-class job!! Looks like new and is now fully rebuilt and reinforced properly with new iron underneath, new wood in the decking - the rails for the slides were only supported by some 4" supported by full 1/2" ply instead. Much stronger. Seals redone, side and rear awnings removed and leaks fixed (they even found some in the cracked plastic of the lights outside). 

About $12,500 CDN all in (excl tax) so about $10K US.

Ouch...but extends its life considerably.
Congrats, You definitely made the right call Sir!!
So I got a call from Don at Sutton Rv and he had some good news and some bad news for us.  They were able to fix the driver's side slide (Dinette slide) to close all the way and seal to the wall on the camper both bottom and top.  The passenger slide is a driffernet story.  He said that they believe that there is some major structure damage in the lower left hand corner near the steps that was causing the issue with the slide not sitting square when brought in.   He also said that they would not want to do the repair and it would be costly to do as the slide would need to come out and the outside wall will need to be removed.  Either way they want nothing to do with that repair.   I appreicated his honesty about that for sure.  What was funny is i got an email from the factory rep from Eagle Cap wanting to know how the repairs were going just the day before.  So I asked her to get in contact with Don and she what her thoughts were.  I had sent her pictures of the problem of the slide.  The thing I don't get if there is a major problem you would think there would be some massive cracks in the side wall of the camper; there is some hair line cracks but the way he was talking about it you think it would be massive.  Anyways we will see what comes about.  Still impressed with Eagle Cap in just showing concern and care!!!! Rural_Wonk, glad to hear that all went good with your repair! Now to get back to camping again, do you have a trip planned yet??
@mpoulsen: The cracks start small....but they grow as you move the rig over time. Even over two years we could see the growth in ours from a hairline to a bit closer to 1/2".

We're thinking about where to go --- a lot depends on how the pandemic ends or gets managed, develops or fades...but would love to do another cross-country trip here in Canada or possibly a caravan of us to the US next winter (most of us don't want to travel there on our own, so a group is more likely).

In any event, lots of little trips in the wilds of BC and Alberta!

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